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How Technology Influences Korean Learning and Tutoring: AI and Apps


Innovative technology that can communicate with artificial intelligence (AI) and learn the Korean language was developed by a South Korean research lab and given to a curriculum developer for language teaching, the lab announced in September in DAEJEON (Korea Bizwire).

AI is used by the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) to speak with consumers to comprehend them and evaluate their pronunciation. It can analyse accents and pronunciations.

IIR Tech, the company behind the July release of the Korean language learning software "Kokoa," has received the technology. Ten thousand overseas users have downloaded the app in the last two months.

The app employs a beginner-friendly Korean language curriculum where users may practise having conversations with a chatbot.

The state-run King Sejong Institute Foundation created an AI-based Korean language discussion app in March. ETRI's language learning technology has been integrated to teach foreigners Korean.

Another app for studying online with a Korean tutor is the LiveXP app. The platform has created a unique educational programme combining the game with the educational process.