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Career Skills through Design Thinking

Tech U – Computer Coding Classes: Our curriculum leverages contemporary coding languages (e.g. Scratch, App Inventor, Unity 3D, Python and JavaScript), which are designed around project-based, learning philosophies. Students are able to create and accomplish meaningful computer technology projects while building self-confidence and exercising their artistic expression.

Digital Media: Through instructor and project based learning, youth will create audio and video media products that educate, inform and entertain targeted audiences

Life Skills – Guidance and Preparation

Pitch Perfect: Helps youth to develop their professional communication and presentation skills to ultimately deliver the perfect pitch for apps and ideas to potential technology professionals.

Tech U Mentorship: Business professionals help youth develop critical leadership and relational skills to build effective professional educational networks.

Financial Literacy: The Center in partnership with Mindblown Labs offer a fun way to learn financial literacy skills. Through instructor led classroom, workshops, and game play with the Thrive ‘n’ Shine application (created by Mindblown Labs). Students develop new skills sets, attitudes and understanding of finance and wealth. The goal is to maintain student engagement with the right balance between financial concepts and fun.

Adult Programming

Through the Center, adults unfamiliar with Internet technologies are exposed to a diverse array of business software training modules. Adults that have a basic technology foundation are also able to acquire new knowledge and expertise to gain employment in technology and corporate business sector.

Introduction to Computers (Spanish)

Learn the basics of using a personal computer, computer terms, keyboarding, how to use the mouse, and basic Windows navigation. Plus, create documents in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Introducción a las Computadoras: Aprenda los aspectos básicos de como usar una computadora personal, el teclado, la forma de utilizar el ratón, navegación básica de Windows, y navegación del Internet, y correo electrónico. Ademas de crear documentos en Microsoft Word, Excel, y PowerPoint.

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